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Rejuvenate your face

Substances used to fill facial wrinkles and lines are referred to as dermal fillers. They are usually jelly substances or viscose fluids manufactured from various natural and synthetic materials. In recent years they have been significantly enhanced . As a result the safety has been improved and the results have become long-lasting.


Hyaluronan is one of the most popular dermal fillers. It is a polysaccharide which has a very important role in human body. It is found in epithelial, binding and neural tissue. In the last decades it has been widely used in cosmetology and plastic surgery. In 2003, the FDA verified and authorized the use of  Hyaluronan for soft-tissue filling. Its popularity has been increasing ever since.

The role of dermal fillers

The effects of aging and other factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking or excessive sun exposure are seen in the reduction of Hyaluronan , collagen and subdermal fat tissue, which makes our skin less tight, atrophic followed with increasing number of wrinkles and the loss of tissue volume. By injecting Hyaluronan  all such unpleasant signs of aging are eliminated; as a result the patients feel satisfaction looking at their face in the mirror. Hyaluronan  is most commonly used for lip enlargement, radial wrinkles filling, as well as for filling the lines around your mouth and nose, horizontal forehead lines and outer eyelid edge. Hyaluronan  products are manufactured in different viscosity which depends on the part of body this substance  is used for. Those with higher viscosity are typically used for improvement of  skin volume on hands, which makes vascular and bone structures less visible. Thus, the forearms look younger.


How to chose a filler?

An ideal filler is supposed to be degradable and as long-lasting as possible in order to produce  prolonged aesthetic results. Additionally, all protein remains should be removed from it so that an allergic reaction be prevented.

The products containing only the purest hyaluronan that best fit these requirements are those manufactured by one of the following producers: Rstylan (Sweden), JUVEDERM (the USA) or TEOSYAL (Switzerland). They are paroved by Serbian Agency for Drug Registration and can be purchased in larger drug stores. You can have it applied  by trained specialists in all renowned medical offices and clinics.

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