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Abdominal plastic surgery

Tighten your body

Abdominal plastic surgery- Excess skin removal

Abdominal plastic surgery (or dermolipectomy) is a procedure of elimination of excess skin and subdermal fat tissue in the abdominal region.

The procedure is performed in general anaesthesia and typically lasts for approximately three hours. The postoperative protocol requires the patient to stay hospitalized for the next 2-3 days following the operation. The treatment leaves a scar which resembles that after a caesarian section except for being somewhat longer. With time it becomes less and less visible; anyway, the scar is positioned slightly below the panty-line thus remaining invisible for the prying eyes. The wound is sewn with resorbing surgical threads that need not be removed. A patient experiences some pain for which pain-killers are recommended. During the surgery it is possible to reconstruct the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall if they have weakened as a result of obesity or pregnancy.

Each patient receives an elastic bodice to wear for the next 6-12 weeks after the procedure. The bodices are made by the American company “Marena” and they perfectly fit all patients. A patient is required to remain as still as possible, preferably in a lying position, for at last a week or so  following the surgery.

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