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Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement- breast augmentation Breast augmentation surgery is not only one of the most common plastic surgery procedures but also one of the most effective. … Detaljnije


Breast reduction

There are several surgical procedures that are used for breast reduction, which implies that they are quite complex. Large breasts are usually heavy and with … Detaljnije


Breast reconstruction

Reconstructive breast surgery is an extremely complex procedure since an entire team of experts such as oncologist, plastic surgeon, radiologist, psycho-therapist need to take part … Detaljnije



Gynaecomastia – breast reduction  in men Gynaecomastia is a condition of large breasts in men which often resemble those in women. Breast reduction in men … Detaljnije


Breast lifting

Breast lifting or mastopexia is a surgical procedure to correct the shape of breasts as well as the position of the nipples. Due to numerous … Detaljnije

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