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When things go wrong

Over-application of various fillers, non-specialised lip-treatment and/or unreasonable patient’s demants may result in poor or even unacceptable results, which may call for surgical procedures to reduce lips.

The primary goal of such surgeries is to remove excess fillers or granuloma and to smooth the lips. They are usually performed in local anaestesia  on outpatients who are also mildly sedated. The surgery involves precise surgical excisions which are used to remove some mucuous membrane or scar tissue. Scars on the inner side of lips may remain as side-effects of this procedure.

Less invasive but equally effective is Smart lipo Laser surgical technique. The wave-length of Nd Yag laser disolves fat tissue as well as accumulated sillicone or polymetyl metacryl which form so called silliconomes. The membrane of  silliconomes is broken and the particles of injected material shrink. Thus the lip volume gets reduced and the appearence of lips is improved.

The procedure lasts approximately 30 mins and is performed in local anaestesia. No hospitalization is needed and the only side-effect is temporary mild swelling. For top results  in certain cases the procedure needs to be repeated .

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