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Breast reduction in men

Gynaecomastia – breast reduction  in men

Gynaecomastia is a condition of large breasts in men which often resemble those in women. Breast reduction in men requires removal of fat and/or glandular tissue. As  a result male chest looks more masculine. Excess skin is removed and the semi-circular scar is positioned around the areole. In cases of  extremely large male breasts, scars are more visible. In order to achieve a proper chest shape  liposuction is often required.

The entire surgical procedure, which lasts approximately for 2 hours, is performed under full anesthesia. Patients are required to wear medical compression belts, which prevent swelling and help skin retraction, for 6-8 weeks afterwards. While swelling and bruising may last somewhat more than two weeks after the surgery, patients can resume their daily duties after just one week.

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