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Breast lifting

When you want more beautiful

Breast lifting or mastopexia is a surgical procedure to correct the shape of breasts as well as the position of the nipples.

Due to numerous factors such as breast-feeding and pregnancy, genetic factors or weight-oscillation breasts naturally change their shape and their volume. In some cases the effects are esthetically unacceptable and the only solution is to perform breast lifting operation (mastopexia).

There are quite a few surgical procedures used to lift breast tissue. Surgical choice depends on the quality and volume of breast tissue and skin. Sometimes simple nipple or mammary gland lifting produces wonderful results. In cases when there is a visible atrophy in breast fat tissue while the entire breast appears withered and lifeless, implant insertion is recommended.

Breast lifting surgery is commonly done under full anesthesia. The patients need thorough pre-surgical preparation. After surgery patients are hospitalized for 24 hours and they can resume their normal daily routine within a week following the surgery. It takes 6-12 months for scars to disappear and for breasts to assume their final appearance. However, as long lasting as they may be the effects of the surgery are not permanent. Again, aging and/or weight loss can affect the appearance of breasts. Therefore, second surgery may be needed after certain period of time.

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