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Breast enlargement

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Breast enlargement- breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is not only one of the most common plastic surgery procedures but also one of the most effective. It is performed under full anesthesia and the procedure itself lasts approximately about 1hour. The patient is kept hospitalized overnight while it takes  some seven days to reach a full recovery at home.  The patient is required to wear special medical bra for 6-8 weeks following the surgery. It is also advised to abstain from physical exercises in the 4-6 weeks while driving is not recommended for two weeks.

Women’s breasts are not fully developed before the age of 18 which is the earliest age when such surgical procedures can be performed. Typically, our patients are dissatisfied with breast size or  position and quite often with  shape. With physiologically asymmetrical breasts only one breast is surgically treated. It is not  rare that breasts change their shape and/or size as a result of breast-feeding or weight-loss. Consequently, breast augmentation with implants is regarded as a possible solution. As much as this procedure is often sneered at, it proved to be extremely important to female patients for improving their self-confidence.

During the very first appointment, after having been measured our patients are briefed about the surgery as well as the type and size of the implants suggested by our specialists. Taking photographs before the surgery is a must as in the follow-up it will serve as a yardstick how effective and successful the surgery has been. All the potential risks of this highly intimate surgery are presented to the patient. The suggested size is always adequate and moderate.

Latest generation implants are used to enlarge breasts. They are filled with cohesive gel (aka. memory gel) which perfectly mimics the breast’s natural size and volume. Implants can be placed in the following three ways:

  • Inframammary with the scar located in the inframammary region of 4-5cm in length.
  • Periareolar with the scar located around the nipple in the pigmented area of the breast.
  • Axillary with the scar located in the armpit.

The position of the implant itself varies. It can be placed under the mammary gland, under the pectoral muscle or one part of the implant may lie under the muscle while the other is under the gland. Experience tells us that under-muscular position is most preferred.

Finally, breast appearance is affected by aging, pregnancy or weight-loss, which are the factors that may lead to additional surgical treatments of breasts.

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