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Laser liposuction

For perfect body

What is laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction is one of the novelties in plastic surgery which stands for a minimally invasive surgical method for elimination of body fat and cellulite. The latest surgical trends are achieve maximal results with minimal invasiveness. Body fat can be eliminated either through body resorption (lipolysis) or sucked by a laser procedure (laser liposuction). This procedure involves the application of SMART LIPO device which is the latest-generation  laser device highly selective in its effects on fat tissue. A laser beam has the following three effects on the fat tissue it treats: a) decomposition of fat-tissue cells, b) coagulation of small blood vessels, which prevents bruising and swelling, c) collagen stimulation which enhances skin tightening in the treated regions. In other words, laser liposuction brings about a new standard in body shaping.

The advantages of liposuction over traditional methods

Laser liposuction is not an entirely different method from classical liposuction. Rather, it represents a perfected and improved version of the latter. Its main advantages include, but are not restricted to, the following: application of local anesthetic is required; it is completely painless; no hospitalization of patients is needed; post-operative recovery is relatively short with no swelling and bruising. Additional argument that speaks in favour  of laser liposuction is the fact that some regions such as chin, knees and upper arms are more efficiently treated with it. Last but certainly not the least, this is a much more affordable procedure which is often a key argument for our patients.

How many centimeters or grams can be eliminated?

It is a hard question to answer. Classical liposuction is primarily a method for re-shaping your body rather than eliminating obesity. Therefore, it is difficult to give precise numbers. It is much better to speak in terms of the efficiency of the compared procedures. What we know from the follow up on our patients is that laser liposuction show amazing results. What needs to be  pointed out, however, is that  in the cases of extreme obesity the procedure needs to be repeated. In order to achieve maximum efficiency of the procedure our patients are offered consultations with a nutrition specialist who advises each patient individually on healthy food habits and balanced nutrition based on his/her blood pressure and blood-test results. Eventually, our patients get both slimmer bodies and a reduced body-weight.

How is fat eliminated from the body?

Instead of traditional tubes laser liposuction uses optical cable (only 0.03 mm in diameter) which goes through fat cells causing them to burst, which eventually leads to decomposition of fat tissue. Within a couple of weeks following the procedure the body itself resorbs and eliminates the surplus of fat through urine. Aspiration is not recommended in small scope lipolysis (<250ml), while larger amounts of decomposed  fat should be evacuated with small-diameter tubes.

How safe is laser liposuction and what are the possible risks?

The method has been quite popular for a few years now and the Smart Lipo device has been present on the  American and Japanese market since 2006. Since those are ranking among the most demanding markets with the highest standards, it is  an argument strong enough which speaks in favour of its quality and safety. The risks associated with the procedure are minimal and no been side-effects have been reported so far. A recent study showed that the laser procedure causes body temperature to rise as high as 38.5 C in the treated region which is far from being risky. In comparison, unprofessionally performed ultra-sound liposuction can cause severe burns. The laser liposuction procedure lasts for approximately 60 minutes.

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