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Lip-enlargement is one of the commonest surgical tretments in plastic surgery. The purpose of the surgery is to improve lip contours and increase lip volume simultaneously correcting asymetry or syncronizing the size of the upper and lower lip.

This is achieved by either injecting natural or synthetic substances or by adition of patient’s own fat tissue, dermis. Another option to increase volume is by making highly precise surgical incisions to create local slices of mucous mebrane.

It is important to bear in mind that the less invasive techniques such as injections may have more or less long-lasting effects. Our younger patients are advised to choose the options with temporary effects ( not less than a year) lest they change their mind and opt for some other treatment.

Hyaluronan/ Hyaluronic acid approved by Serbia’s Drug Registration Agency is our first choice  for achieving temporary lip-enlargement effects.

The substance is applied under local anaestesia. It is easily and evenly distributed thorughout the tissue causing no allergic reactions. A patient leaves the clinic immeadiately after the procedure.  Mild swellings and/or temporary redness , which typically last up to 3 days, may occur. Aesthetic results are remarkable.

As for substances with permanent effects the following are known to be in use:  silicex gel, polymetyl metacryl or Aquamid (containing 97,5% water and 2,5% polymer).

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