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Radio-wave surgery

Scalpel- free surgery

Radio-wave surgery presents a rather efficient, minimally invasive surgical procedure which is becoming increasingly popular in treatments of benign, non-pigment, viral and small vascular skin changes.

Radio waves of a particular frequency and high energy are used to cut and coagulate the tissue causing minimal trauma and scarring. Such procedure is completely painless and typical post-operative swelling is avoided.

Thanks to their special frequency radio waves are capable of making the treated cells oscillate and evaporate. Consequently, the tissue gets separated and divided as if cut by scalpel. Thus,  benign changes are removed while small vascular lesions instantly disappear.

The treatment itself lasts for a few minutes and is performed under local anesthesia. The patient’s recovery time is quite short.

Unfortunately there are still clinics that practice old methods (including cryotherapy) to remove the changes discussed above despite the fact that radio-wave surgery is considered to be a standard procedure nowadays.

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